I do apologize that I can't put links to the parts of the tutorial that go to what, but I can list them in order so that they are easier to scroll to. (: 

  1. Basic Cuffs
  2. Singles
  3. Information: Even's and Odd's
  4. Types of String to use
  5. Information: Beads

Basic Cuffs

By now you know how to make a regular cuff. If you don't, go to Tutorials>Understanding Patterns.

Personally I find making these bracelets therapeutic and once you get the hand of it it is very easy and addictive. lol Well there isn't too much I can put right here. I did everything for this section in Understanding Patterns. So yeah. Go there if you want to know more.


Single bracelets are like this:

These are fun to make just by themselves, usually they will be an even number. If you keep scrolling you'll find out why. I like to get creative with singles and they make great small gifts. I give them out all the time. (:

Singles are also what you would call the beginning row of a kandi cuff before you start adding on beads.

Even's and Odd's

When you are making a kandi cuff, the single row at the bottom must be even. And the second row is going to be half of that number.

Go ahead, try to make an odd numbered single work.

The reason it doesn't is because the second row has to be half the first row's number. If it isn't even, the second row comes out to x.5, which you obviously can't work with.

So if you ever try to make your own cuff, take this advice! (:

Types of Strings to Use

I use a white elastic chord string instead of the traditional clear elastic string. I like it simply because I can tie it. lol I can't tie that many types of elastic string and if you see a colored plastic elastic string, don't buy it. Lesson learned.

I also use a hemp string when I make twist bracelets. It isn't stretchy at all and it works for me because it ties very easy, and can work with certain types of things when you don't need it to be stretchy. Like making keychains or characters. I also use thread that you would mend a shirt with when I make these because I hate wasting my stretchy string.


There are many different kinds of beads you can use when making bracelets. You honestly can do a peyote or multi stitch with any bead.
But kandi cuffs wouldn't be kandi if they weren't made of pony beads.
The only thing I don't like about pony beads is that they come in different sizes. Luckily I have found one store that sells all of the same size and brand of bead. I recommend you do the same because nothing is more frustrating than having different sizes of pony beads to work with.